Certificate Course in Backache Management (Yogic Methods)

        Pre-requisite :

  1.     YTTC 200hrs/ General Practitioner
  2.     Should be able to read ,write and understand English language
  3.     Passion in Yoga therapy
  •     Duration- 24hrs
  •     Date–   15th Oct-19th Oct 2018
  •   Cost– $600
              Note: 10% early bird discount if register  before 15 th Sep 2018

For registration please email to dr.venkysyoga@hotmail.com or whatsapp +917709311655

          Topics covered:

  •    Anatomy of the spine-
  •    Study of various curves of the spine.
  •    Structure of  lumber vertebrae.
  •    Study of origin and insertion of back muscles and their functions
  •    Study of structure and component of spinal disc.
  •    Study of Structural changes of vertebrae in a disease condition.
  •    Study of ligament structure of the spine.
  •   Various causes of backache
  •    Study of various conditions of the spine (i.e slipped disc, spinal stenosis etc)
  •    Psychological, structural and nutritional factor affecting spinal health.

    Application of Yogic practices for backache-

  •   Modification of asana for therapeutic purposes.
  •   Application of Active and passive form of asana.
  •   After the course you will be able to understand the etiology of various neck and back conditions.
  •   You will able to apply yogic practices to manage various conditions of the spine effectively.
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