1. “In this 200 hrs Yoga TTC course, Venky has taught us the importance of doing yoga poses correctly and safely, as well as to teach others to do so by giving alternative options to the final yoga poses.” – Benny Lee ,Singapore







Melvyn Goh

“I did a Diploma Yoga course conducted by Venky in 2007. I must say his course covers all aspects of yoga – both internally and
externally on a person. Venky touches on the different postures that were tested in real life in research centres in India, every details
of the results are recorded in terms of the benefits and the way it affects the body. He will elaborate in details how the mechanism in
our body react when one is performing on a particular posture. Unlike most Yoga teachers tend to use sweeping statements like
doing a particular posture can eliminate all diseases.
Techniques were introduced in the course on how a posture can be done during practical time. Other than learning postures,
he also touches on diets – how different types of food is broken down internally and how it will affect the wellness of a person.
I felt that he has given an overall aspects of how a human body works at rest and when practicing yoga, and how yoga can
improve oneself mentally and physically. Most important is you will learn the logic behind each technique and your ability to
understand and explain to others, that will set you differently from the rest of the teachers. I’ve attended different Yoga courses
from different institutions and Venky’s course is by far the most informative and teaches instructors how to teach a class efficiently.
I will highly recommend Venky’s Yoga Teacher Training Course to anyone who wants to become a successful Yoga teacher”.

Group Exercise and Personal Trainer

Saniya Saninha

“200 hrs Yoga TTC with Dr.Venky changed my life. Now i am a full time yoga and pilates instructor but it is always a special treat to attend his yoga classes.
The course has broaden my human anatomy and physiology knowledge. During the training students not only learn the theory, postures and anatomy but also
practice teaching, so it has easy for me to embark on this amazing yoga teacher journey after I completed the course.
Dr.Venky has very unique teaching style. He emphasizes safe and injury free yoga practice. Till this day we always keep in touch and become good friends”-

Lock LI

“I had my reservations when I attended Dr Venky’s 200 hrs Yoga TTC in May 2013. I am merely an occasional practitioner of yoga; I cannot lick my own toes in a forward fold; I cannot kiss my own backside in a back bend; the only yogi I know comes from Street Fighter.
Dr. Venky turned out to be a fantastic instructor, as knowledgeable as he is humorous. He is the only yoga instructor I know who spent his time on doing research so that he can explain yoga in physiological, psychological and scientific terms. He taught us about so much about anatomy, musculature, skeletar structure, and how the human body works, that sometimes I wondered if I had accidentally signed up for medical school instead.
He did not just teach us about yoga. He taught us how to be good instructors. What are the market trends? What are the dos and don’ts of the industry. He is generous and honest in his answers. To anyone who wants to learn yoga more intensively or wants to be a yoga teacher, there is no better place to start than with Dr Venky.
PS. If you are kinda suspecting this testimonial was written by Dr Venky himself, email me at locklocke@gmail.com or message me on Facebook (same email as above). I vouch for this awesome teacher, now a trusted friend.”


Debbie Goh

I didn’t expect that this program is going to be so good….
During the session of the course we were given introductory video about the Human Anatomy and Physiology. He explained and sketched more details to ensure we understand the whole procedures He gave full guide of yoga methodologies and by the end of the course we realized to the full extent of why and how to become a good yoga teacher with full confidence and positive mind concept at all time.
I’m pleased to recommend Yoga Teacher Training Course (200 hrs TTC) under Dr. Venky unequivocal.
It’ll give us comprehensive and critical information revealing how to ‘quick gain’ the process and implement all our body secrets and techniques so you can start your yoga journal in the shortest possible time frame.
Dr. Venky is professional and attentive. He is always receptive to all of our questions and clear all our doubt.
Yoga Shanti (Yoga Sanjeevani, Yoga that heals) would be an excellent complement to your YTTC program.


Chiaki Ishigami

“I decided to take 200 hrs Yoga teacher training course with Dr.Venky because I truly enjoyed every regular class provided at his studio. I deepened my practice and knowledge through the course, and feel I was given a tool to continue to grow as a person. It was a comfortable, non-judgemental and warm environment, yet very challenging. I feel very proud of completing this course and grateful for this experience”.


Padmaja Balaji

“Dr Venkys Yoga teachers training for yoga combines the traditional approach & scientific knowledge into a well-balanced training experience. His theory has anatomy & physiology of the body. Applying his immense knowledge in research papers he explains the science behind yogic practices & postures which is one of the unique features of his training.

His 200 hrs Yoga TTC is very intensive in practice also & he even introduces advance postures. He also guides you with the techniques needed to master these poses. As a person he is very friendly & approachable & always willing to guide you in the right direction. At least for me, it was a life changing experience and helped me move from IT career into teaching yoga Dr Venky’s way”.


Chloe Koh

” Dr.Venky – Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the yoga knowledge and information I gained at the 200 hrs Yoga TTC . Through this informative TTC, it makes me feel better understanding within myself as well as understand clearly about yoga via its history, study and scientific point of view. Apart from that, it not only taught us how to teach but how to deepen our own practice.
Dr.Venky is a knowledgeable and an experienced yoga instructor. He can understand student well during practice and provide us proper guidelines based on our body condition. Having chance to learn and practice yoga from Dr.Venky is a great enjoyment.


Evelyn Tan

” On top of learning how to teach yoga in a safe manner, this Dr Venky’s teacher training course also enabled me to understand how to practice yoga, the different benefits of yoga, and the scientific explanation behind them. It is a great course not only for aspiring teachers, but also for yogis who are interested to understand our body and how yoga can help us live better. Just to give a few examples:Through this course, I identified and understood my long-term recurring piriformis syndrome and now I know what asanas to practise to correct it whenever it recurs. It has also recurred less often.Learning pranayama also helped me ease headaches without relying on painkillers. Taking up the Dr Venky’s 200 hrs Yoga teacher training course is one of the best decisions I have made for my life!”


Abha Bajaj (Gx Trainer and Yoga teacher)

” I joined my 200 hrs Yoga TTC under Dr.Venky in 2010 January.During the course I learned a lot not just about yoga postures but also about movement patterns and postural deformities,which helped me immensely in my handling of my clients and helping them avoid injuries. Dr Venky has very encompassing knowledge about yoga and how it can help in the day to day life to achieve a healthy lifestyle.I was surprised by how many practical life examples he used to cite during our lessons,relating all heavy learning to daily life,and thus making it simpler and understandable. Being a personal trainer I had a good knowledge about body systems,but they were limited to books only. After doing my TTC, it all got connected and started making so much sense to me. Thanks a lot, Dr Venky,for teaching more than just yoga,and helping me become a better fitness trainer as well. I still plan to do the Master Yoga Teacher Course under you:).


Yasmine Kiyama

I entered into the Yoga Teacher Training, primarily to deepen my own practice and gain more knowledge in yoga, unsure if I truly wanted to take on teaching. After the yoga training with Dr Venky, I felt truly transformed by what practicing and teaching yoga can do for me and how powerful it is to share this experience with others. I grew and gained so much knowledge about yoga and about myself.
The relationships I formed, the knowledge I gained, and the peace and love I experienced completely rearranged my heart and mind. Dr Venky combined honest interactions, authentic instruction and a safe as well as challenging environment in which to learn. The entire experience taught me the true practice of learning, teaching and leading with your heart. Thank you Dr Venky, for sharing your knowledge! Namaste

Lin Weidong

“I started my yoga practice with Dr. Venky and when he left Singapore to open his ashram in India, I was distraught and also at a loss as I could not find other teachers that matched his patience, technique, detail to instructions and attention to our body’s unique architecture and condition. When he decided to open the 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course, I decided to take it up almost immediately as I wanted to learn under the supervision of the right teacher. The course was enlightening, as we learnt not only about our bodies and its constructs, but more importantly, the balance of mind, body, and soul. The philosophy of yoga is expansive and beyond just learning complicated and advanced postures. While we are taught the proper techniques that are best aligned for our bodies, we are also imparted knowledge about our bodies’ systems, yoga philosophy from the ancient texts to the modern guru. It was an unforgettably enriching and immensely rejuvenating course. If you want to learn yoga as it should be – Dr. Venky’s Shivashakti Institute is the place to do it!”

(Radio Presenter from UFM100.3,
Multimedia Designer)

Marie Kinderman.

Four fast paced wonderful weeks at Dr. Venky’s 200 hrs Yoga TTC (yoga teacher training course).
It was truly an experience, not only did I learn the correct way of doing the poses,
it deepened my understanding of Asanas theoretically and practically. Dr. Venky’s
compassionate and always approachable attitude along with his extensive knowledge
dedication and support all enhanced my experience at his yttc.
After completing the course I gained a sense of confidence, accomplishment
and with proper tools to start my journey on to teaching.
I would recommend Dr. Venky’s Yttc to all who want more than a teacher training course.

Eun Hee

I chose yoga in the hope of doing something good for my exhausted body at 2011.
The very moment i entered yoga class, I knew that I was strongly plunged into the sea of yoga, and amazed by the fact, how yoga works deeply through my daily life, and as time goes on, my enthusiasm urged me to sign up “yoga trainer course in 200 hrs Yoga TTC”

it was a bold decision as I was merely attending yoga class less than one year, however, I couldn’t help but wanted to know more of yoga, posture, theory, and physiology effects which have been a great experience to discover my own body, and shed me some light over the physical challenges and while correcting my position.
By experience I strongly recommend this course for those who not only want to be a teacher for others but also who wants to learn about alignment and how correct posture plays a role on your body!
and furthermore, sooner or later, you will find yourself re-directing towards positive ATTITUDE!!
Enjoy it!!”


30 days just passed by . Was not easy at the beginning, but my instructor and his wife Yenny are such super host make me feel like at home.
Thanks Dr Venky to share his yoga knowledge in Physically, physiologically and yoga point view with us. I have to say his course covers all aspects of yoga internally and externally on a person. Venky touches traditional yoga which for you really don’t practice outside India. The results are recorded in terms of the benefits and the way it affects the body. He will elaborate in details how the mechanism in
our body react when one is performing on a particular posture.
Techniques were introduced in the course on how a posture can be done during practical time. Other than learning postures,
he also touches on diets and detoxing. – how different types of food is broken down internally and how it will affect the wellness of a person.
I felt that he has given an overall aspects of how a human body works at rest and when practicing yoga, and how yoga can
improve oneself mentally and physically. Most important is you will learn the logic behind each technique and your ability to,understand and explain to others.
Venky’s course is by far the most informative and teaches instructors how to teach a class efficiently.
I will highly recommend Venky’s Yoga Teacher Training Course to anyone who wants to become a successful Yoga teacher”.

Hong Han, Canada


Sheryl Tang July 2015 (Weekend batch)- Singapore

Testimonial for Dr. Venkyʼs Shivshakti Institute (International) INDIA (RYS200HRS) I signed up for Dr Venkyʼs Yoga Teacherʼs Training course solely based on my research from the internet. I must say I took a risk to sign up as I have never seen him before or attended any of his lessons. At first, I was attracted by the syllabus he offers on his website i.e. combining Yoga with explanation from extensive scientific research and physiology studies. As I read further, I was very impressed with his extensive Yoga experience and medical research background in alternative medicine and physiotherapy. Hence, I signed up without much hesitation as this was exactly what I have been looking for. In the end, the course turns out to have surpassed my (already high) expectations. Dr Venky is the first instructor I have met who gave such detailed instructions when guiding Asana practices. I can follow his practical classes so easily as his instructions are extremely clear. And thats also how he trained us – to deliver classes that even the blind can follow. He gave us a lot of opportunities to teach and deliver within our class. This proves to be very useful and made all of us improved tremendously towards the end of the course. I remembered I stumbled a lot when I taught my first sun salutation flow to the class for the first time. Towards the end of the course, as all of us have already taught so many times, delivering sun salutation flow had became so easy for most of us. His deep knowledge on the bodyʼs anatomy and physiology amazes me tremendously. He always train us to give detailed explanations on the physiology benefits behind all our Yoga practices – be it Asana, Pranyama or Meditation. It was challenging for me as I do not have any science background. However, Dr Venky has been very patient in guiding us and gave us many suggestions on how to improve. He also gave regular revisions to help us remember important physiology benefits related to our Yoga practices. Most importantly, he always does his best to make theory lessons interesting and teaches in a very hearty manner. It has been one of the most fruitful courses I have ever attended. I believed his YTTC 200 hour has covered much more contents than what it supposed to cover. The vast amount of knowledge I have gained from this course has proved to be very useful towards my own Yoga practices as well as to prepare me to be a more effective Yoga teacher in the future. Thank you guru for playing such a significant role in my Yoga journey.

Julia Hanslmeier, Germany

Already a few weeks have passed since I attended Venky’s 200 hrs Yoga TTC at Prana Casa in Portugal and still I am processing everything I have learned. Overall I can say that I loved every single day of the Yoga TTC – the easy ones and the challenging ones. Venky is an exceptionally gifted teacher. Not only he has a great knowledge about the science of Yoga, he is also able to impart this knowledge in a plausible and  comprehensible way. This course provides you with everything you need to become a successful yoga teacher in the modern world: Very detailed knowledge about the physiology and anatomy of the human body. A great scientific insight on how Yoga if practiced correctly works on the body and the mind. A better understanding of how to practice asanas in a correct and save way as well as knowledge about the philosophy and history of Yoga. Shortly, Venky’s course makes you truly understand the nature of Yoga and enables you to teach in a professional, qualified and confident way. This four weeks of YTTC were a great enrichment. There is nothing I would want to change about it – I highly recommend this course and Venky as a teacher. Thank you for this experience!-

Mei Ying Yap, Singapore

I attended Venky’s 200 hrs Yoga TTC in Portugal, and had an amazing experience. Not only did I deepen my knowledge regarding all aspects of yoga, and build the foundation should I go into teaching in the future, I also built valuable friendship with fellow passionate yogis who inspired me greatly. Personally, I enjoyed learning about yoga as a therapy most, and have seen how Venky miraculously ‘cured’ a lady with backache. Venky is also a very approachable mentor who will continue to impart his knowledge even after the course.



Our scientific and philosophical based Yoga teacher training creates better and effective Yoga teachers.

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