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200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course/ INDIA/SINGAPORE/EUROPE

Duration : 200 hours

Yoga Philosophy, Scientific Theory of yogic practices, Practical, Teaching practice, Demonstrations, Posture corrections and precautions and Proper alignments.

Singapore- 200 hrs Yoga teacher training course (Accredited by Yoga Alliance USA, internationally recognized.

Note– For admission form and other details please email to dr.venkysyoga@hotmail.com

Intensive batch- Monday to Friday

Date- 20th April  to 11th May 2020 (No classes on 1st May 2020 due to Public holiday)

Time- 10am – 6pm

Fees- SGD 3250

Early bird discount

15% early bird discount if register  before 30th Nov 2019

10% early bird discount if register after 30th nov and before 29th Feb 2020

Venue- All About Yoga Studio, 30 Tai Seng Street, BreadTalk IHQ #08-04, Singapore 534013

Car Park:  BreadTalk IHQ level 3&4, Entrance located at Tai Seng Street.

Admission is open

Weekend batch-

Date– 18th April- 4th July 2020

Days– Saturday- Sunday

Time– Saturday: 1 pm – 7 pm

Sunday: 11 am- 7 pm

Fees– SGD 3250


15% early bird discount if register before 30th Nov 2019

10% early bird discount if register after 30th nov and before 29th Feb 2020

Venue– All About Yoga Studio, 30 Tai Seng Street, BreadTalk IHQ #08-04, Singapore 534013

Car Park:  BreadTalk IHQ level 3&4, Entrance located at Tai Seng Street.

Note- Please scroll down to find out details on course syllabus .


Date- Declaring soon.
Time- 6am- 7pm (Breaks for breakfast, lunch and drinks)
Days- Monday to Friday
Admission open
Venue- Dr.Venky’s Shivshakti Yoga, Vadgaon Maval, Dist Pune, India
Fees- For local Indians- 90000 rupees
For foreigners and NRI – USD 1800 ,Euro – 1650, SGD- 2450

10% early bird discount if register before 0000

Note– For Single sharing accommodation extra charges will be applied, please write to us for extra charges for Single room.


Portugal- 1st March-26th March 2020 For more details visit to www.pranacasa.eu

Note Good understanding of English language is important to attend this course, course will be taught in English. Non contactable hours are not included during course, student need to clock in non contactable hours during course (on weekends ) or after course.


      Dr.Venky has over 21 years of vast experience teaching Yogic sciences.

      The theory and practical are based on scientific information on Yoga and the best combination of Philosophy, Physiology and Psychology.

      The study of Physiology and Anatomy equip aspiring yoga teachers with an awareness of the proper techniques of asana, pranayama, kriya and other yogic practices and understand the physiological response to mental activities and how Yoga work as a therapy (main core of the course)

      Individual attention throughout the course

      Course syllabus and school is accredited by Yoga Alliance U.S.A

      Internationally recognized certification

      We respect your body and train you the way your body is.

      Dr.Venky’s knowledge of human physiology and yogic sciences enrich this teacher training course by sharing his holistic views on yogic practices, thus providing a plethora of exposure to the aspiring yoga instructor spanning ancient teachings and modern medical and scientific knowledge.

      Our training is based on traditional yoga, power yoga and vinyasa.

      Fees includes-

      1.  Tuition fees
      2. Certification
      3.  Notes
      4. Assignments
      5. Twin sharing accommodation at course venue.(toilet bathroom is attached ), for single sharing extra charges will be charged.
      6. Breakfast, Lunch , Morning and evening tea and dinner (Vegetarian Indian style),  outdoor meals charges are not covered in your fees)
      7.  laundry facilities
        (Extra charges will be charged for local tours – Local tours are not compulsory, purpose to organize these tours to explore close by tourist places ,these tours are only on weekends)

      Charges excludes

      1. Transportation from airport to Course venue and back ( we can arrange your pickup and drop by using local tourist taxis or you can organize yourself)
      2. Insurance
      3. Shopping
      4. Hospitalization
      5. Local trips
      6. Toiletries

      Course Venue- Two and half hours to three hours drive from Mumbai international airport to Vadgaon Maval ( towards Pune city).

      Note- Under karma Yoga you will need to clean your own toilets, bathroom, bedroom and common sitting area. We can accommodate maximum 8 participants at course venue, in case of more than 8 participants , participants need to stay at close by hotel during course, we can arrange accommodation in Hotel, extra charges will be charged in case of hotel accommodation is provided on demand.

      What to bring
      Laptop or iPad, Yoga clothes, warm shawl or pullover for early morning Pranayama and meditation practice, personal items like toiletries, medications, photocopy of your documents like Passport, Visa, etc.

      Daily Program

      6.00 am 8.00 am

         Asana, Pranayama, Kriya, bandha and  meditation (Traditional based)

      8.00 am 10.00 am    Breakfast break
      10.00am 12.45 pm    Lecture (Topic of the day)
      12.45 pm 2.45 pm    Lunch break, self study and rest
      2.45 pm 4.30 pm    Lecture (Topic of the day)
      4.30 pm 5.00 pm    Tea break
      5.00 pm 7.00 pm    Vinyasa/ Hatha/ Power Yoga/ Teaching practice etc.
      7.00 pm 8.00 pm    Dinner

      Email to dr.venkysyoga@hotmail.com for admission form and bank details

      200 hrs TTC PORTUGAL NOV 2017

      Date- 1st Nov to 28th Nov 2017 (admission open)
      Days- Mon to Saturday
      Time- Monday to Friday 6 am- 7 pm (Breakfast, lunch and tea break time included)
      Saturday- 10am to 1pm.
      Sunday- No classes on Sunday
      Venue- Aljezur,Algarve,Portugal
      For more details on course fees, early bird disocount and other details please email to visit to www.pranacasa.eu or email to dr.venkysyoga@hotmail.com

      Learn more


      At least 6 months of Yoga practice (Not compulsory)
      Understanding of English language

      Mode of payment
      •  By cheque or wire transfer to DR.VENKY’S SHIVSHAKTI YOGA
      •  Payment can be made by cash, cheque or transfer to DR.VENKY’S SHIVSHAKTI YOGA a/c by ATM machine.

      ( Note: Aspiring yoga practitioners who are interested in the course, and have any questions regarding the course, fees, certification, training or teachers, please feel free to contact Dr.Venky, email- dr.venkysyoga@hotmail.com )

      Dr.Venky’s Shivshakti Yoga reserves the right to change or amend the course date and time without prior notice. Further information will be provided upon enquiry including terms and condition that apply.



      • Introduction to human anatomy.
      • Name of the muscles and their anatomical position and functions.
      • Study of various joints and their structure, precautions and causes of injury, nature of injury and treatment.
      • A brief discussion on Micro anatomy and physiology of muscle fibres.
      • Study of the Structure of the spine.
      • Importance of spine in human physiology


      • Digestive System.
      • Respiratory System.
      • Circulatory System.
      • Nervous System.
      • Endocrine System.
      • Urinary system
      • Muscular System
      • Skeletal System


      • Information of Vedic period.
      • Pre-classical yoga.
      • The Bhagavad-Gita Gita.
      • The Upanishads.
      • Classical Yoga.
      • Post Classical yoga- Tantra Yoga, Hatha yoga, Development of Yoga in West.
      • Contemporary Yoga Gurus- Guru Krishnamacharya, Guru Pattabhi Jois, Guru B.K.S Iyengar.

      Theory of Eight Limbs of Yoga – Yama, Niyam, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.

      5)ASANA –

      • Purpose of Asana practice (According to Patanjali and Hatha yoga).
      • Characteristics of Asana.
      • Aim and Objectives of Asana.
      • Mechanism of Asana.
      • Anatomico Physiological consideration of meditative, relaxative and cultural asana. (Salient features)
      • Posture- Ideal posture, Control of Posture, Classification of Posture.

       6)PRANAYAMA –

      • Definition of pranayama (According to Patanjali).
      • Purpose of pranayama.
      • Physiology of Pranayama.
      • Aims and objectives of pranayama.
      • Mechanism  of pranayama.
      • General guidelines for pranayama practice.
      • Eight types of pranayama= technique, benefits and precautions.
      • Ujjai, Anuloma viloma, Surya bhedana, Bhastrika, Shitali, shitkari, Bhramari, and Chandra bhedana.

      7)MEDITATION –

      • Theory of meditation.
      • Meditation alters brain function. (Based on research articles)
      • Meditation and physiological functions. (Theory based on research articles)
        Benefits of meditation.
      • Practice of meditation (to understand and experience the technique of meditation).

      8) BANDHA-

      • Definition of bandha.
      • Theory of Jalandhara bandha-, Uddiyana bandha and Moola bandha.
      • Anatomy and physiology of Jalandhara bandha and Uddiyana bandha.
        Role of bandha in Pranayama.
      • Difference between bandha and mudras.

      9) KRIYA-
      Six types of Kriyas (cleansing process) and theory of kriya-
      Neti, Dhouti, Trataka, Basti (theory), Kapalbhati and Nauli (theory and practical)

      10) MUDRA

      • Meaning of Mudra and purpose of practicing Mudra.
      • Physiology of Mudra.


      • Teaching techniques.
      • Corrections.
      • Selection of the postures for the various level of posture practice. (Beginners, intermediate and advance).
      • Introduction and practice of Hatha Vinyasa and Power yoga.
      • Sequencing and arrangement of posture practice. (Based on counter postures)
        Lession planning.
      • Arrangement of class.


      Study of various types of stretches for example =

      • Dynamic stretching
      • Static stretching
      • Active stretching
      • Ballistic stretching
      • PNF stretching
      • Passive stretching, Isometric stretching.
      •                 Neurological factors of stretching.

      13) Flexibility-
      Study of Factors affecting flexibility.

      Discussion on symptoms of over training.


      • Purpose of warm-up and its physiological benefits.(Sunsalutations)
      • Purpose of cool down and its physiological benefits. (Shavasana)


      • Brief discussion on symptoms of cardiopulmonary or metabolic disease.


      • Brief discussion of do’s and don’ts of yogic practices.

      19) LECTURE ON DIET-

      • Importance of diet (Yoga Point of view)
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