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DR.VENKY’S SHIVSHAKTI YOGA INSTITUTE (International) INDIA/SINGAPORE, provides training and preparation aspiring Yoga teachers. Through immersion in traditional and modern aspects of yogic practices, students are equipped with a repertoire of yoga practices that will enable them to meet the evolving needs of yoga students who seek to learn ancient as well as new forms of yoga practices such as power yoga, hatha vinyasa yoga and even newer permutations of yoga such as combat yoga.

This course turns avid practitioners of yoga into knowledgeable masters of this ancient science, under the guidance of experienced Yoga Master, Dr. Vyankatesh S. Reddy, who, more affectionately known as “Venky”, is a well-sought master in the Yoga scene in India and Singapore with an avid following of students whose lives he has enriched through the gift of Yoga.

India based Yoga Institute is registered with Local Government of India and accredited by Yoga Alliance USA, Singapore based studio is registered with INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION (SOUTH AMERICA) this Singapore-based yoga studio’s teaching takes a scientific approach to the understanding of yogic practices. The benefits of yogic practices once explained only through religious terms are now taught in the context of yogic science, through extensive research by the Kaivalyadhama (INDIA) and International research workers. Students are made aware of the scientific explanations for practices like kriyas, bandha, asana, pranayama and meditation, and are thus better equipped to teach these practices in the secular setting of modern yoga centers and gyms.

The study of physiology and anatomy equip aspiring yoga teachers with an awareness of the proper techniques of asana practice. Guest lecturers with accolades from the medical and paramedical fields enrich this teacher training course by sharing their medical views on yogic practices, thus providing a plethora of exposure to the aspiring yoga instructor spanning ancient teachings and modern medical and scientific knowledge.
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